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Skype Studio

Want world class one-on-one private instruction but can’t make it to Virginia? Become part of my Skype Music Studio!

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If you are a bassist, composer, string player, or “alternative” string player, who is seeking regularly scheduled lessons, or just a single coaching, then check out the online education section or email me here.  There is no long any reason to settle for low quality instruction, simply based on your geographic location. Get instruction from an experienced conservatory level professor with a doctorate in music. Get serious about your education and put your playing on the fast track.

Perhaps you already have a fine teacher, but want an outside coaching session. Maybe you  are preparing for an audition and want a new set of ears. Possibly, you have worked on the techniques in my Slap Bass Instructional Video and want individualized attention.

Single coaching sessions, audition preparation sessions and regularly scheduled lessons are all available for: classical strings, chamber ensembles, “alternative” strings, composition, and  all styles of upright bass.

For information on how to schedule a session, as well as coaching and lesson rates, click here.