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Slap Bass

For info on the Bass Coalition click here. (Bass Coalition membership is free)

Although some of my offerings here require you to get a username and password, we no longer sell “memberships” to this site. Those who bought memberships still have access to the original twelve-minute instructional video on Upright Slap Bass. Which you paid for. You are still getting everything you need to know on how to play Upright Slap Bass for $12.

To get a username and password to access the Slap Bass Instructional Video, you must enter in your email address and click “add to cart” below. New videos will be added in the future.

Confirm your email address

A username and password will be sent to the email you provide as soon as we are able. Although, we are only a two man operation, and one of is is a traveling musician we can generally  send your username and password within 24 hours of your purchase (generally much sooner).

Questions or problems?  Email us here.