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Upright Slap Bass Video (information)

Join the Tribe and watch the video online!

Although some of the offerings here require you to get a username and password, we no longer sell “memberships” to this site. Those who bought memberships for access to the slap bass video, still have access to the original twelve-minute instructional video on Upright Slap Bass.  Past members are are still getting access to the original Upright Slap Bass techniques video. for $12. In the future we will offer more extensive videos on Upright Slap Bass instructional video for Rockabilly/Psychobilly and other slap styles, which will require separate purchase.

The original video is twelve minutes of stripped down, no frills information on the technique. You will not see me playing with a band, or “jamming” out with anyone. I also won’t be telling you what to play on a specific tune, what bass to buy, or what to wear, just how to execute the basic techniques needed for Rockabilly/Psychobilly and other slap styles .

What you WILL find is a straight-to-the-point, direct explanation of all of the playing techniques you will need to play Upright Slap Bass. No fooling around, just intense slap instruction. Each technique is demonstrated and explained in detail. You will view each technique from multiple camera angles, and at fast and slow tempos. Suggestions and tips for improving each technique are also given, both verbally and as on screen text. This video will teach you the technique of slap bass.

Join the Tribe and watch the video online.